Cafe Strada–is this new?  Some time ago I spent a month in Florence, writing vignettes about various moments at cafes and museums and…bridges.  Various places.  Tell me if I’m crazy but sitting here, on the BART platform, with a laptop, is so much different from being here with a cell phone.  Now I’ve hopped on the train.  I know others use their computers on the train but at the moment I’m the only one typing away.  I feel such power, such roundedness, being here with this (relatively) big screen and solid keyboard, oh typing away!

I’m sick but I keep pressing forward…conscious that I’m running out of time. In fact I feel that I’m literally in a race against time, typing out as many words as I may before I…turn to stone?  Right.  Whatever I’m liable to turn into I want to get a few words out before it happens.

The balance of my work organization is brokerage, real estate investment, family, game design, writing marketing, even creating new applications.  How heavy that all feels.  Maybe I just want to write about the moments in which I find myself and maybe include a photo with the thought.  Travel writing where the real travel is internal.  I mean, I’m happy to go to San Francisco for lunch or, you know, once in a while Thailand for that special trip, but, by God, I’ve got to make the best of it every day, not just when I can arrange a big trip.  So here I  am on BART shuttling between Oakland and Berkeley, as mentioned, typing away.

And here I’ll stay, here in own my heart and soul whatever transpires in the world around me.